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DIY: Stylish Suitcase Dog Bed

Posted on Jun 19 2012

Browsing Pinterest, I’ve come across so many fun DIY ideas. But this stylish do-it-yourself dog bed is easy enough for the newbie DIY-ers! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create your very own trunk dog bed fit for your furry best friend:

  1. Find a vintage suitcase. There may be great deals at your local flea market or vintage store, or search eBay for one in good condition.
  2. Detach one half of the suitcase and keep the side with the handle for the bed. (or if you like the look, keep it on! see photos below)
  3. Measure the suitcase opening and find a pillow or cushion that is just the right size or slightly larger. Use these standard pillow sizes as a guide: Standard 26×20″, Queen 30×20″, King 36×20″. Cover the pillow with a pretty pillowcase or sham.
  4. If the pillow seems too low and the sides of the suitcase jut out, consider lining the bottom of the suitcase with foam or an old towel to prop up the pillow for that full and posh look.
  5. Consider adding legs to prop up the bed. Directions can be found HERE.
  6. Voila you’re done!

Here are some great-looking beds to inspire you! Click on the photos to view original posts.


If you do decide to leave on the top of the suitcase, make sure that it is secure and won’t close due to movement of your dog getting on and off the bed. Happy DIY-ing!

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